Strange things

I used to work for sloss and through the month we saw several things that was just straight up unnatural, one night we unexplainably lost power in most of the woods trail for over an hour and no one could figure out why, this only happened after a customer taunted and called for slag in my scene. Though several times we saw figures moving around through the factory and woods after hours. One night walking through the tunnels and basement at sloss something grabbed my shoulder and pushed me from behind. We also heard on several occasions voices and strange sounds coming from places that was blocked off to the public. I can tell you for sure that sloss is haunted and is one of the strangest place in Birmingham and possibly in the country. It’s amazing if you can go out there between midnight and 3am it’s an experience like none other. Just be prepared for what you may see, hear and experience out there, it’s dangerous and terrifying but wonderful in a creepy kind of way.

Submitted by Corey

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