Furnace Tour

Fright Furnace has created a terrifying experience that takes you into the deepest, darkest parts of Sloss furnace.

Explore The Wormwood House as part of the Furnace Tour.

Start where it all began…

Visitors on the Furnace Tour will begin their journey through a replica of the Wormwood House.  The childhood home of the sadistic foreman, Slag Wormwood.

Explore this haunting relic with twisting passageways, secret passages, and unlock the dark and disturbing memories that drove Slag to madness.

If you survive the ghosts of the past, prepare to explore new locations normally closed to the public including the terrifying Boiler Room, home to hundreds of paranormal encounters.

Sloss Fright Furnace Tour
Fright Furnace Tour at Sloss

Make your way though our newly designed trail including the furnace catwalk, underground tunnels, and new dark passageways that force your group to go single file–leaving you completely exposed.

Experience our all new 3D maze, complete with killer clowns and spinning vortex that bring grown men to their knees weeping with fear.

Encounter Slag in his inferno, run from deranged serial killers, crawl through cockroaches, and try to escape chainsaw wielding hillbillies.

The Tunnels of Sloss Furnace
The Tunnels of Sloss Furnace

Plus, our Hollywood Special Effects team has loaded the trail with dozens of monsters, surprises, effects, and scenes throughout your tour — spending a budget of more than $300,000 to give you an experience that will have you running for the exits.

Come see why Fright Furnace is one of the top fright attractions in the world–and prepare yourself for the terror that is Slag’s Revenge.