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The Wormwood House

Where it all began...


How Fast Can You Run?

What the Experts Say About Fright Furnace

What if you could explore a  “haunted house” that actually boasts documented paranormal activity that has lured renowned investigators. Would you still buy that ticket and stroll inside?

USA Today

Screams are heard, apparitions are seen, and on the second floor of the Blower Building, there’s the sinister presence known as “Slag,” an overly cruel foreman who can still be heard belittling his crew.

Ghost Adventurers

We have wanted to get to Sloss Furnace for a long time.  It did not let us down. I would go back there anytime. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal.

Ghost Hunters

Being at Sloss is like standing before the gates of hell….Would I every go back here by myself? No Sir.

Fox’s Scariest Places on Earth

Make no mistake, Sloss Furnace is spooky….many of our crew refused to go back in…we encountered cold spots, orbs, and even machinery that seemed to run on its own.

Unexplained Mysteries

Whether skeptics or believers, anyone who goes into The Sloss Furnaces can agree on one thing: There is something there, and it isn’t friendly.

Horror Channel

The Roadkill Cafe

Make Your Last Meal A Good One